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‘About’ pages are often another sales pitch firms use to pat their own backs, sprinkling in facts & masking the purpose. We think our work is our greatest selling point. Here on our about page you'll learn who we are, why we're here, and what we've accomplished.

Who we are

our beginnings

We are a small team of creatives with a shared passion for design. We offer our services to clients across the globe, and have a proven track record of delivering fresh, unique, and above all else, creative design. We have the knowledge, skills, and experience to help organizations create a defining visual presence, bring it to life on any platform, and help ensure it's visibility.

Why we're here

our beginnings

With the explosive growth of the web, social networking, and the global movement towards sharing media, the demand for high impact creative solutions has never been greater. However as companies large and small begin the course of improving their designs to engage clients and consumers, they are faced with many tough choices. Deciding to change your image alone is difficult, so we try to make finding the best fit to handle the actual job as easy as possible.

While many design 'studios' write lengthy proposals, filled with technical jargon and meaningless buzz words, at LOGIQ we prefer a simple direct approach. We will provide you with unique, creative design that can best be described as irresistibly engaging. We treat all of our clients as individuals. While we see the merit in rock-solid methodologies that many studios use, we think that one-size-fits-all can limit room for innovation and creativity. We modify our process and approach to fit each project and client's specific needs, ensuring the highest quality product is delivered.


features and awards

LOGIQ has been included in galleries / featured on:
CSS Mania - Creattica - CSSMayo - CSSkid - We Love WP - CSS Island - TheWebBased - CSS Perk - Ecssited - 1st Web Designer - Logopond

LOGIQ takes home Wolda '10 award.

Client Comments

Working with LOGIQ has been incredible. Alex's ability to fuse creativity and functionality together flawlessly is inspiring and innovative. —Dan Killam

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  • E-mail us / hello@logiqdesign.com
  • We open / 9am - 5pm, Mon. - Fri. EST
  • Telephone / 678.427.2265
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